BookshelfU have a lot of e-book? U dizzy find your usefully e-book? or u can’t manage this all e-book?. Don’t worry and let your smile happy because there is an e-book management solve all your problems. This software called as Calibre. Calibre connected with ISBN (International Standard Book Number) database and Google Books, This Software will help you to generate the update book cover, review from this book and everything that correlated with this e-book such as author, publisher, date of published,and some comment that people have given to this book. You also can get all of your book wherever you go, portability concept is also practically in this software. If u have and e-book reader you can also transferred your ebook to your reader just by plug and click sent it automatically because it  software has a lot of portable e-book reader authorized. Let’s we see the interface of this software!

Layout Calibre 0.72
Calibre 0.7.2

Or you want a really portable e-book management software? Booktome is a great choice. This software has a same concept with Calibre but can’t do a lot of task like one. U can also get all related with e-book and u can read it by click the chain to open the e-book reference. You can’t change the format to another and also u can’t sent it to your portable e-book reader automatically. The problem still must be corrected by programmer is the inconsistency chain path. In the other word, you must sure that the path where you saving the file as same as the path you want to be opened. I just get information that the programmer will corrected the problem in version 2. I hope he/she can finish this problem as soon as possible.

BookTome 1.72
BookTome 1.72

Preview BookTome Book Collection
Preview A Book Title in BookTome Portable 1.72

Enjoy this software and don’t forget to donate if you interesting with them. Adios!